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In the Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan, more than 23 thousand patients receive treatment annually, about 7700 operations are performed and over 1300 of them are high-tech. Two outpatient clinics are examining more than 125,000 people. In a polyclinic with a capacity of 344 visits per shift, patients are admitted for 15 oncological diseases profiles.

The Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary has seven surgical departments: the thoracic department, the abdominal department, the Department of Oncocoloproctology, Mammology, Oncourology, Oncogynecology, and the head-neck department. There are also two departments of antitumor drug therapy in a round-the-clock hospital and an outpatient department of antitumor drug therapy with a day hospital, a structural unit an outpatient department of antitumor drug therapy with a day hospital in GBUZ RB CB No. 1, Sterlitamak.

Outpatient department of general oncology with palliative beds, two radiological departments in a round-the-clock hospital, outpatient radiological department with a day hospital, department of medical physics and radiation safety, department of radiation topometry and diagnostics, republican center for brachytherapy and 11 auxiliary departments: X-ray diagnostics, endoscopic, ultrasound diagnostics , radioisotope diagnostics, radiological departments No. 4 and No. 5, clinical diagnostic laboratory, anesthesiology and resuscitation th department, transfusion cabinet, operating unit, pathology department.

The Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary has a unique staff. There are 1104 specialists in the team, including 234 doctors, 479 nurses, five doctors and 60 candidates of medical sciences. Three doctors were awarded the title "Best Oncologist of the Russian Federation", nine - "Best Oncologist of the Republic of Belarus." The medical staff was trained in leading institutes and specialized centers of Russia and Europe.

The Department of Surgery and Oncology with the IPO courses of Oncology and Pathological Anatomy, headed by the Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary, is headed by

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Sh.Kh. Gantsev, as well as the Department of Radiation Diagnostics of the Bashkir State Medical University under the direction of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor I.V. Verzakovoi. Over the past five years, more than 50 new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, developed by the staff of the center, have been introduced into the practice of clinical departments. Leading scientists of the department do a great job and actively implement scientific achievements in practical healthcare.

For the implementation of large-scale and high-tech medical care, the dispensary has a good material and technical base. The medical equipment delivered to the republic as part of the implementation of the measures of the national project “Health” makes it possible to ensure the availability of treatment and diagnostic oncological care in municipalities, to optimize the treatment and diagnostic process, and to raise the quality of diagnostic measures to detect cancer diseases to a new level.